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Easy Way How to Put On False Eyelashes for Beginners 


Your eyelashes are lack volume and length? Wanna give it a boost with pairs of false lashes, but don’t know how? Well, you can tell how to put on false eyelashes beginners. It easy way to gives your lashes dramatic look. The false eyelashes will be well-blend with your natural lashes, if you properly attach […]

put-on-false-eyelashes-after-applying-glue-lashes how-to-put-on-false-eyelashes-for-beginner-by-bend-the-lashes-to-make-them-fit-the-curve-of-eyes

Great Tips for How to Apply Younique Mascara without Any Clumps 


Ladies, you’re probably looking to figure out how to apply Younique mascara without clump, especially your 3D Fiber Lash, right? If yes, we have some hacks to get fullest lashes with longest lengths. Some women having problems with this Younique mascara such as it’s hard to use or it’s getting clumps. Below, we have great […]

apply-younique-mascara-to-give-lashes-lenght-and-thickness-for-more-fabulous-eyes younique-mascara-combine-transplanting-gel-and-3D-fiber-lashes-for-flawlessly-eyelashes how-to-apply-younique-mascara-to-make-eyelashes-has-volume
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